New Orleans Mafia Tour

Most believe that the origins of the Mafia in America began in NY City.
In reality it was the docks of the French Quarter where we first heard about, and saw 'The Black Hand'.
Check out the history of the organized and disorganized crime that has been a part of New Orleans since her founding.
The history of the mafia here in New Orleans has a long and colorful past and up until recent history including a role in the JFK Conspiracy.
Walk the same streets as the Dons and members of these criminal societies and learn more about the rise and fall of the New Orleans Mafia,
how the word "Mafia" was first used here in New Orleans,the assassination of Police Chief Hennessy and so much more.    

Tours are by Reservation only  $35 pp
504 258 0760

“Strange True Tours New Orleans is a guided stroll down the dirty alleys of America’s most fascinating city with a guide who knows the score and will cut you in on the action.”
Matthew Randazzo V Author of Mr. New Orleans