Avoid the crowds and get off the beaten path for a visit to the incredible
St Louis #2 Above Ground Cemetery on this indepth walking tour.
St Louis #2 boasts some of the best tombs in the city, with intricate designs, wrought iron, and other features.
Come and learn how New Orleans unique above ground cemeteries came to be, Jazz Funerals,
and other funeral customs that makes this city so special.
St Louis #2 also is the final resting place of some famous and infamous residents, a future Saint to a bonafide pirate,
mafia dons to the Emperor of the Universe.
This sightseeing tour of St Louis #2 also includes a "Marie Laveau" and an indepth discussion on Voodoo.

Tours are by Reservation only $35 pp
504 258 0760

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Learn about Voodoo and Hoodoo, what's the difference, how did Marie Laveau have a part in the modern day image of the religion?
Spell-casting, devil-worship, voodoo dolls and more will be explained as we wind through the cemetery and visit the graves.

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