New Orleans has always been known as a strange and unique town unlike anywhere else in the world.
Slip away from the usual history tour or ghost tour and explore the real, strange, true New Orleans.  
Come and explore the adult history from legalized prostitution and cross dressers, to family intrigue, famous and infamous characters
that are a true part of New Orleans History. 
Traverse the streets of the French Quarter and dive deep into the strange stories that can only be New Orleans.
New Orleans is a town that has proudly flown it's Freak Flag for close to 300 years.
Mardi Gras to festivals for cocktails and food, New Orleans is a town that celebrates the strange and unusual,
a town where you can be you without judgement. So come and explore the sights and hear stories of madams and brothels,
Led Zepplin and cross dressers, pirates and Lucky Dogs, burlesque, and so much more.
This walking tour of the French Quarter is a tour geared towards mature audiences, there is drug references,
sexual situations, and some mild adult language, rated PG-13.

Tours are by reservation only and is scheduled at 4pm Daily $35 pp
504 258 0760