The ultimate sexual history tour of New Orleans.
This tour was written specifically for the World's Largest Swingers Convention held every year in New Orleans.
Known as the Big Sleazy, the sexual debauchery has been a cornerstone of New Orleans history

since the founding fathers left France.
We cover 300+ years of New Orleans beginning with the Royal Bourbon family
and their sexual deviancy into the Burlesque era of the 1950's.
We cover the history of prostitution, legal and illegal with our own Red Light district known worldwide as Storyville.
Keep your eyes open as we search for the Penis balcony!
Yes, actual New Orleans architecture in the shape of penises!!

This is a 2 hour walking tour through the French Quarter at a leisurely pace.
This is a limited tour only available for 3 days

Thursday July 26 - Sat. July 28th
11 am & 4 pm   $25 per person

Reservations are required as we limit the group size.



The 1940's and 50's was the golden age of Burlesque and Bourbon St. was ground zero for
Burlesque in the United States! 
Infamous dancers such as Lilly Christine the Cat Girl, Evangaline the Oyster Girl, Blaze Starr,
Ricki Corvette, Aqua Divina and more
graced the stages across the U.S.

We cover the history and ups and downs of Bourbon Streets naughty side, an exploration into the 'good old days' of Burlesque and the women who were it's stars!


The history of sex is long entrenched in New Orleans DNA.
From legalized prostitution to the center of Burlesque, the city has always had a bawdy reputation.
New Orleans does not merely accept sexual behavior, it embraces it.
It's in our architecture, music, legal system, on the streets and billboards, in shops and clubs.
No judgement of orientation or perversion and it began over 300 years ago......


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