New York City

 When you hear the word ‘Mafia’ The first thing that comes to mind is New York City and the 5 Families.
Bonanno, Columbo, Gambino, Genevese and Lucchese.
The history of NYC and the Mafia is second to none with numerous movies and TV documentaries made.



Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas” makes for great Mob movies!!
Bugsy Seagel, the Rat Pack, Gambling, Movie Stars and Showgirls are part of the allure of Sin City.
Vegas would never had been born if it was not for the Mafia and their quest for money and power.




Prohibition and Al Capone are synonymous with Chicago.
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre set the tone for the sordid reputation Chicago’s Mafia history has enjoyed for decades.
Dig deeper into Chi town’s Crime history.





New Orleans

The origins of the ‘Black Hand’ began on the docks of the French Quarter.
The first use of the word ‘Mafia’ in American the lexicon, began in 1890 when the local criminal enterprise assassinated the New Orleans Police Chief setting a fire storm that reached all the way to Italy and the White House.


Bolita, Santos Traficante , Cuba and links to the assassination of JFK.
Tampa is much more than a sleepy Florida town where retirees watch the sunset every day.
It’s Mafia history is a hidden part of the national underworld.
The streets of Ybor city are rich in murder, gambling and international intrigue.
Mafia author Scott Deitche is the go to guy in Tampa!


Kansas City

The DiGiovanni brothers, Joseph and Peter arrived in Kansas City from Sicily in the early 1900’s. A decade later, Prohibition was a boon for the brothers and a criminal enterprise began. The presence has been felt ever since.